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COVID-19 Worship Service Protocol

We are thankful and celebrate that, as of March 11, restrictions related to worship services have been lifted in BC. We acknowledge that in-person gathering, worship, and fellowship is an important aspect of our congregational life.

The lifting of restrictions includes the removal of the mandatory indoor mask mandate. While we no longer will require the wearing of masks, you still may continue to choose to wear a mask and/or keep physical distance from others. Mask wearing is still recommended in many spaces where you are in close proximity to others and can help protect  those who may be at higher risk due to age or medical conditions.

Please be understanding and compassionate of people’s individual circumstances and individual choices about masks and physical contact as we continue to cultivate a community of care.  Others may make different choices than you - consider asking others in close proximity what their preference is in regard to mask wearing and physical contact. 

While the incidence of COVID in BC has decreased, this does not mean that COVID no longer exists in our community. Please continue to practice good hygiene - frequent washing/sanitizing hands and covering your coughs and sneezes - and staying home when you are not feeling well. If you have recently tested positive for COVID via a PCR or rapid antigen test, please stay at home for a minimum of 5 days (10 days if you are unvaccinated) and until your symptoms have improved and you no longer have a fever. 

To allow for participation even at a distance, our services will all continue to be livestreamed.  If you are unable to attend in person, our worship services are all livestreamed via Youtube. You can view our services live by clicking here and any past services on our Youtube channel.  
For in-person gatherings, we are following provincial guidelines. 

Please access your own and others risk in attending any worship service if you are at greater risk of suffering serious complications of COVID-19 or if you are unvaccinated. This includes anyone over the age of 70, those suffering from underlying medical conditions or a compromised immune system. 

If you have any questions about worship services, we invite you to be in touch with one of our worship directors at worship@fleetwoodcrc.org.

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