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A Table in the Wilderness

Outdoor Prayer Path

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During the season of Lent, Christians all over the world reflect on the great mystery of Jesus’ suffering with and for the world. Walking a path marked by crosses can be a way to connect with Christ and also to pray honestly about the suffering in the world and in our own lives. There is comfort and power for here and now when prayer includes our bodies.

Lent 2021 comes with an especially urgent invitation for us to contemplate and trust God’s promised provision in the deserts of life. Can God really spread a table in the wilderness of a global pandemic?

Yes, says the deep well of Christian faith. Yes, says Jesus. Over and over, God does spread a table before us in the face of all our greatest fear and suffering.

The stations of the cross here at Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church are unique to Lent 2021. Over the six weeks of Lent and into the Holy Week of Easter, you will be invited to reflect on stories of people who sat at the table God spread before them in the extreme wilderness of their lives.

For the deepest experience, you are invited to participate online in Wednesday evening prayers as well as Sunday morning worship.

Take as much time as you need and use only what is helpful in the materials provided.

When your heart is drawn, often no more words are needed.

You might want to make a commitment to walk the path each week of Lent as the prayer path grows. If you come every week, you may want to spend the most time at the newly placed station.

If anything about your time of prayer needs conversation, or if you would like to know more about the cross-shaped Way of Christian spirituality, please fill out a contact card or come inside between 9 and 4 o’clock daily to make an appointment to see a pastor or elder of this church.

A QR code at each station allows you to listen to the scripture being read as well as listen to a song about Tables in the Wilderness. The art work at each station is by Brother Martin Erspamer, a Benedictine liturgical artist from St. Meinrad Abbey in Indiana.

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you, wherever He may send you. May he guide you through the wilderness and protect you through the storm. May he bring you home rejoicing at the wonders he has shown you. And may he bring you home rejoicing, once again into our doors.




About Walking the Stations

Listen here to an introduction to the Prayer Path.