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Reflection Questions

Looking to dive a little deeper into this week's sermon? You can find reflection questions from our most recent sermon here. Feel free to use these questions for personal reflection or family and small group discussion. 


Questions for Reflection:

1. If you have an example, tell about a time a body part that you usually take for granted, began to scream out for attention (i.e. hurting it, or having it stop working properly, etc.). How did that affect you? What did this teach you about the different parts of the human body?

2. Do you tend to separate church workers into the paid staff who “minister” and then the rest of us who are “just volunteers”? What difference does it make to know that the word diakonia is “service” is “ministry.” In God’s book there are no capital letter “Ministers” and then the rest of us who “Just Serve.”

3. This passage expresses so well that in the body of Christ there is no superiority allowed, and no inferiority allowed. Which one(s) have you experienced in yourself or seen in others? Why was that? How can the church overcome that?

4. One version of Fleetwood’s vision statement says that we reach in toward each other in fellowship, encouragement, and accountability. Which one of these 3 is strong… and how have you seen/experienced that? Which one do you think might need some strengthening, and how can that be done.

5. Can you identify your own gifts to some degree? Are they public/behind the scenes/leadership/giving/hands-on service/empathic listening/prayer/hospitality, artistic, etc? Do you prefer to be in groups or to work alone?

Spend some time noting what you see in each other in your group and then close in prayer thanking God for the gifts of the body.

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