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Vacation Bible School 2020


This year, we will be providing an online/at-home Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience. Join us as we dive deep into God’s love! 

  • Theme: Mission: Deep Sea 
  • Dates: July 13 - 17, 2020
  • Time: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Cost: $15/attendee

What will VBS look like this year?

There will be online materials provided, as well as a “Take-Home Care Package” for each child which will include all of the craft materials and more! A guide will also be prepared for parents to help facilitate the sessions. Some examples of the activities are:

  1. Lessons with Bible verses
  2. Music/dance videos
  3. Step-by-step craft tutorials
  4. Colouring pages
  5. Deep Sea photo scavenger hunt

While we will have our VBS online primarily, we would like to provide an optional in-person day camp during the same week so that we can also connect with the children face-to-face. These day camps will only have a limited number of children and be closely monitored by volunteers as a way to enforce social distancing standards. If families are interested, we will arrange a specific day for each family to meet with us in the church parking lot. The activities covered in the day camp will be the same as provided online. 

Registration for VBS 2020 is now closed.  

If you have any further questions, please contact our summer interns, Sarah and Allie, by emailing them at fcrc.interns@gmail.com. You can also contact the church at (604) 584-6244.