Here at Fleetwood CRC, there is a group of people who make up the Reaching Out Guiding Team. This team works to inspire all people connected to Fleetwood CRC to participate in specific reaching out activities and encourage other creative ways to Reach Out into our world. They work to help us develop habits of regular celebration of ways we see God at work outside our walls. This team also regularly review current reaching out activities and encourage development of new reaching out opportunities.

Here are some examples of what is happening outside of Fleetwood CRC. 

If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Community Assistance Team – this team works to help meet the physical needs of those in our community who need help.

Surrey Food Bank - we support our neighbours in need through our Thanksgiving offering, and some of our members volunteer for this important organization.

Christianity/Discipleship Explored offers a safe place to learn who Jesus is and why he matters. We offer this course at least once a year.

Summer Outreach - Each summer we offer day camps and community events. For the past six years, we have been able to hire summer community interns to help us connect with our neighbouring community in creative ways.

We have a partnership with Stepping Stones, which runs the Muffin Morning program for teenage moms at our church every Wednesday from September to June.

Every Wednesday evening there is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous upstairs.  Enter through the back doors.   

On the fourth Wednesday of every month the local Multiple Sclerosis self help group meets in our lobby. 

Community Events – over the course of the year we create various community events like Halloween Fun Night, Christmas Children’s Service, or simply Community Barbeques, simply as a way to bless our neighbours.  

Our Refugee Support Team supports our church-sponsored refugees through advocacy, orientation, settlement, language acquisition and relationship building. 

Bustani Community Garden - we have eight garden plots available in our front yard for our neighbours who have no access to gardens where they live.  Contact the office to rent one. 

We support the Ministry to Seafarers, which supports the people who transport our goods to the Port of Vancouver.  Our chaplain works out of Deltaport in South Delta. 

We send a Serve and Learn Team to Okanagan Gleaners in Oliver, BC each summer to help chop the vegetables that turn into soup that helps feed the hungry in the world. 

Offerings - our offering schedule supports many excellent local ministries  

       National and International 

We help address World Hunger as a partner with 15 churches and church-based agencies collectively called the  Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  Our goal is a world without hunger. 

We are involved with relief and development work through World Renew.  Many of our members volunteer with Disaster Response Services, operated by World Renew. 

We believe that Christians are called to protect and take care of God's creation and that a changing climate is harmful to all of creation, and especially the world's poor.  We participate in the Climate Witness Project through the Office of Social Justice of our church. 

Offerings- our offering schedule supports many excellent global ministries