Service Times:   Morning Worship: 10:00 - 11:15 am 

In Revelation 4-5, we are ushered via John’s vision into the heavenly throne room of God. At the center of this magnificent vision is a throne (4:2-11), and standing in the center of the throne is the Lamb who was slain for the life of the world. Around the throne, all who are present fall down and worship, because when they see the Lamb they cannot help but worship (5:8-14). This is the worship that is currently happening in heaven. Right now, Christ is seated on the throne; right now, Christ is receiving the worship of heaven. In our own small way, then, every Sunday we join in with these praises, and participate in the worship of heaven.

Sunday Morning

What does this actually look like on a Sunday morning at Fleetwood? We’d love to have you come join us to find out! The order of our service reflects the broader Reformed tradition of which we are a part. This means that our worship is centred on Word and sacrament: every week we hear the Scriptures read and God’s Word preached, and about once a month we celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper together.

If you want to get a feel for what it would be like to worship with us, feel free to check out the service order in our bulletins or feel free to watch a past service streaming on our website.

Sunday Evening

Beginning in October Fleetwood CRC will continue with the pilot project titled: Feasting on the Word  which is a multi-generational discipleship curriculum that we are taking on here at FCRC. A variety of adult small groups will be starting up, some meeting Sunday afternoons from 4:16-5:30 and others at a variety of other locations and times throughout the week. This will replace our regular evening services through the course of the year.

Otherwise on a Sunday evening, we typically have a simplified service. Following the lectionary, we hear four different passages of Scripture read, respond in song, hear a short meditation on that evening’s passages, and come together to participate in the Lord’s Supper.

The order of this service is more ‘set’, so you can see exactly what we do on Sunday nights by checking out our evening bulletins.

Sometimes, our Sunday nights are dedicated to other services as well. Once a month we join together for intergenerational WE services, which help us to enter God’s Story together with people of all ages sitting around a table sharing a meal together. In the spring, we also have a series of evening lectures on Sunday nights, in which we bring in speakers to speak on various topics.

Christian Year

Our lives are lived according to a calendar. It provides shape and order to our lives, and helps us to know exactly where we are in the course of a year. The Christian ‘calendar’ is no different. On a broad scale, it orders our worship, and every year we know we’re going to come back to the same themes. Every year, the Christian year helps us celebrate, remember, and participate in the central elements of the ministry of Jesus. Below is the basic ‘order’ of our yearly worship:

  • Advent, which prepares us for God’s coming to live among us in Jesus
  • Epiphany, which celebrates Jesus as the revelation of God for the whole world
  • Lent, which calls us to put sin to death, and to journey with Jesus towards the cross
  • Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, which focus on Jesus’ crucifixion
  • Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and his victory over death
  • Ascension, which calls us to live in light of Christ’s present reign
  • Pentecost, which celebrates the coming of the Spirit to empower us for such living and to draw us into the life of God