Seniors Ministry

Of course this ministry isn’t for you—you’re not a senior yet! But if you are looking for fun and fellowship with people who share your life experience, we have a ministry for you. Our seniors are a highly valued part of our church family, and continue to be actively involved in church ministry in many ways.

Intergenerational Ministry:   

At Fleetwood we are dedicated to a ministry that is intergenerational; where all generations bless each other. We ask seniors to participate in all areas of our church’s life: worship leading, mentoring, teaching, Sunday morning coffee, prayer ministry, leadership, contributing, visiting, outreach and so on. You don’t retire here—you refire here! We need your gifts and you need the gifts of this community to keep us all strong in Christian faith.  One intergenerational event we put on is Song Stories, where members of all ages read stories connected to their favourite worship songs and then we all sing those songs together.  Watch for announcements in our bulletin and newsletter.

Seniors Bible Study:             

We encourage our seniors to join our Feasting on the Word Groups, which are intergenerational groups that meet for Bible study and prayer.  

Seniors Exercise:          

Every Monday morning at 10 a.m. from September to May, seniors come to the church lobby for a good workout led by a qualified instructor. We start with coffee and fellowship and then do some serious exercising! It feels good and keeps us limber.  

Seniors Social:         

Occasionally our seniors gather together for a fun outing or an interesting presentation. Outings have been at Fleetwood Park, Stave Falls, Derby Reach and other Lower Mainland locations. Presentations have been made by missionaries, notaries, financial consultants, artists, and entertainers. We have a nice morning together and often finish off with a delicious lunch.

Seniors Spiritual Care:      

Our congregation has three Elders and a number of trained visitors dedicated to the spiritual care of seniors. They will visit you for prayer or to address a special concern.  We also offer communion to home-bound seniors who can’t make it Sunday worship anymore. Call the office to set up a visit.

Seniors Physical Care:      

Our Deacons help minister to the physical needs of seniors. They can arrange for meals to be brought to you when you need to recover from illness or a hospital stay. Call the office to find out more on how our deacons can help you when you are in need.