Council retreat and Ministry Development Task Force

After the last council retreat, a small task force (Ministry Development Task Force) was created to help "lead the council and the congregation in a process of discernment where we work to determine an answer to the question, 'How will we build a strong Christian community which develops healthy followers of Christ who love as Christ loved?'

This is a really big question and comes out of a sense that we know what we should be doing (equipping congregation members to make disciples who make disciples) but we are unsure that HOW we are doing that is really the best we could do.

In fact, we are starting to realise there are ways we are falling short quite dramatically.

So we have dedicated a small team of people (staff and reps from various ministry committees) to look into this issue, and facilitate a discernment process.
We know that we don't have all the answers, and in many ways rely on the Holy Spirit's guidance as we stumble our way to the future God has in store for us. We also know that God seeks to build his church. Our church.

As a part of this process we are having a council retreat on April 1 to help this process along. We don't really know what will be the result of the retreat, or of this process. In some ways its scary. In others, its exciting. In all ways we trust that God will lead us where he wants to go.

Just thought you should know. :)