Our Ministries Prayer Room
folded hands praying over a bible

Prayer Room

For God alone my soul in silence waits...  Psalm 62:1

Why a Prayer Room?

In a busy and often noisy world, the prayer room offers our community a quiet place to pray and learn to pray.  The furnishings, art work and books have all been chosen to support our growing friendship with the Lord.  The room is available for individual or small group use, and is open any time the  church is open.  The Prayer Room is located upstairs at the middle of the building, opposite the nursery, overlooking the sanctuary.  

When Would I Use the Prayer Room?

You might come to the prayer room for a variety of reasons: 

  • to build a habit of prayer
  • to pray through grief or trouble
  • to pray a good-bye
  • to give thanks
  • to remember your baptism or profession of faith
  • to listen to God in times of decision

Short prayer retreats are occasionally offered, giving our community new ways and times to seek God's face.  Spiritual direction, available by request, offers a one-on-one time and place to reflect on how God is at work in your life, particularly at times of decision and transition.

May the living  God be the close companion  of all who come to pray.     

May all who come be given rest at each visit and courage at each going out.  Amen.