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Welcome to Fleetwood CRC

Whether you are visiting for the first time or have been a part of this community for a long time, welcome! We'd love to get to know you and for you to get know us! Please take a moment to fill out our connection card if you would like to know more about our church and its ministries, become more involved or request prayer:  

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You may be wondering the following questions:

  • Where and when is worship?

We gather for worship at 10 am on Sundays at our building at 9165 160th Street in Surrey, BC. You can also join our worship service online live Sundays at 10 am on our YouTube Channel. Services are also available anytime after the livestream. 

  • What is a Christian?

If you are wondering what Christianity is all about, click here to find some answers.  We would love to talk to you further about Jesus and what it means to be his follower. 

  • What should I wear to worship? 

We don't have a dress code. Feel free to come in whatever you feel comfortable. Some of us wear tee shirts and jeans and some of us wear a suit and tie.  It's all good.

  • Are there programs for my children?

Yes, we offer a nursery for children ages 0 to 3 during the 10 am service, as well as Children's Church for children ages 3 to Grade 3 (September to June). Children's bulletins and activity bags are also made available for use during the service. Other programs for school aged children are offered during the week. To find out more about our children's programs, click here. 

  • Will they ask me for money? 

During the worship service we have an offering for a selected cause. We only support causes that have real needs, are connected to our ministry vision, and are registered with Canada Revenue Agency. Offering baskets are available as you leave the sanctuary and we contribute whatever we feel led to contribute. You might feel led to pass on this, and that's okay.  All the money we collect will go directly to that cause. The money we need to heat our building, pay our staff, run our programs, etc, is raised through a different process.  We'll be glad to talk to you about that if you ask us.

  • Are the people weird?

We mostly live in the neighbourhood around the church, and we are as normal or weird as anyone you might come across. We are a cross-section of society, from all walks of life and we are all on a journey together. We are trying to create a place of belonging and acceptance.

  • Why is there a disco ball in the sanctuary?

A few years ago we had a summer day camp for kids with a space theme.  Rather than rent one for $75 we bought a used one for $50.  It made a really nice star effect.  We kept it up and now we sometimes turn it on during  special worship services.  Newly-wed couples often like to walk out of the sanctuary with it on as a way to dance into married life.

  • Will anyone talk to me?

We have greeters at the door who will warmly welcome you and answer any questions you might have.  During the worship service we "pass the peace" of Christ by greeting each other through handshake or a polite wave. We have Fair-trade coffee (no charge) after the worship service and we will do our best to talk to you and make you feel welcome. 

  • Can I join in the activities of the church?

Certainly.  We want to be the body of Christ in the world.  If God leads you to be part of us you need to join what we are about.  Every Sunday we publish a bulletin and every month we publish a newsletter which give information about our activities during the week and month.  Feel free to call the people listed and join in.