Our Ministries Youth/Young Adults
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Youth and Young Adults


Teens in grade 8-12 are welcome to be a part of our youth group. Just like our church, our youth ministry seeks to be a place where teens can reach IN, reach UP, and reach OUT.  Our youth are encouraged and equipped to be involved in the church as leaders in our kids programs, musicians, and A/V technicians.

A typical year will  kick off the year with a convention in September just as school begins, and end with a weekend retreat or  a party in June, Highlights throughout the year include our Christmas Banquet, SERVE trip, and various outings to bowling alleys, movie theatres, and laser tag. 

Youth Group  during COVID-19 meets Tuesday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm  under the Tent of Togetherness or on Zoom. A typical youth night this year consists of

  • social time & games 
  • teaching  & discussion around the campfire (by our Youth Pastor, youth leader, or a guest speaker).
  • safe snacks and/or BYO warm drinks

Some weeks we have fun outings or service projects.

We invite you to follow @fleetwoodcrcyouth on Instagram for glimpses of our youth ministry. For more information about Fleetwood’s Youth Ministry, please contact our Youth Pastor, Natasha Vedder at nvedder@fleetwoodcrc.org or call the church office at 604-584-6244 to speak with her. If you plan to come visit us for the first time, let us know so we can give you more information about what is happening that night - sometimes we go on an outing and don't meet at church, or meet a bit earlier. We look forward to meeting you! Click here to see past Connection Newsletters.

SERVE Team - each year we participate in Serve Mission Trips.  Serve trips offer faith-forming experiences for youth. In 2020, due to COVID-19, we participated in SERVE@Home from August 10-14. 

Young Adults

As 18-25 year olds at Fleetwood, we enjoy gathering together for occasional games night, an annual winter retreat, and a small group Bible Study on Sunday nights. Please contact Natasha for location details. 

We offer internships for young adults interested in being more involved in our church. We deeply desire for our church to be a place where young people are actively involved in leadership, and this is one way we attempt to cultivate that.  We offer a Winter/Spring Reaching Up (worship) internship (17 weeks), a Summer Reaching Out internship (14 weeks), and a Fall Reaching Up internship (17 weeks), all of which are paid internships with a learning and doing component and mentoring provided.

Please contact our Youth Pastor, Natasha Vedder at nvedder@fleetwoodcrc.org or at 604-584-6244 for updates, current events, and with any questions you may have.