Bustani Community Gardens

We are so glad you are interested in our community gardens! We have 10 gardens, some of which are up for grabs this Spring 2020. We also hope to have a few more built in the coming month. Here's how it works:

  • You rent a garden for the year. You plant it, take care of it, water it, dispose of compost properly in our bins, and harvest it for you and your loved ones. 
  • We top up the beds with compost every second year. You come help us do this on a Saturday in the spring. Beds will be topped up in 2021. 
  • You add your own organic compost to your garden bed. Bags of sea soil are made available to you for purchase for $8 per bag each spring.  We recommend 2-3 bags per garden each year to freshen up the nutrients in the soil. 
  • We have tools available for you in the shed, as well as a hose, water barrels, and watering cans for you to water your garden.  We ask that you put everything back where it belongs, and please respect the tools. During COVID-19, please use gloves when working with the tools or going into the garden shed. 
  • Get to know your fellow gardeners as you garden throughout the year.

Please call the church office (604-584-6244) or contact Natasha (nvedder@fleetwoodcrc.org) if you are interested in using a garden. Details will be communicated in person at the gardens at a time convenient for you.