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A Table in the Wilderness

Prayer Path: Station 3

A Table in the Wilderness for Hagar

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O Lord, can you really spread a table in the wilderness of life? Walk with me as I walk this path of the cross, honest questions of life in my heart, and my face turned to find the table you have spread in the wilderness for so many before me, and now also for me. Amen


Hagar and her son Ismael were sent away and wandered in the Desert of Beersheba. When the water she carried was gone, Hagar put her son under a bush and she sat down about a bowshot away, for she thought, “I cannot watch the boy die.” And as she sat there, she began to sob… God heard the boy crying…Then God opened Hagar’s eyes and she saw a well of water… from Genesis 21


What do I notice as I look at this picture?

What is making me sad and thirsty?

Can God really provide a table in the wilderness of sadness and thirst?

Christ Speaks

Take heart, my child. I will not let the cross you bear grow beyond your endurance. My Father attends you. He is your Father too. All that is needed His hand is providing.


We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you because by your life, your death and your resurrection you have shown us how God always spreads a table in the wilderness, in the face of all our fears. Amen.




Station 3

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