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Youth Retreat 2023

Group photos of teenagers on a  docking standing and jumping

We set out for Loon Lake with 13 youth, a youth pastor, two youth leaders and a parent leader. What a fantastic weekend it was. We saw God's goodness in the ability to go on the retreat and in all those who helped support us in going! We thank you for continued support and prayers. 

Reflections from a Youth

This past weekend (May 5-7) the Fleetwood CRC youth group and I had the privilege of going to Loon Lake Lodge for our annual retreat. It was a weekend full of laughter, fun, and worship, and we all had a great time. The theme of our retreat this year was wisdom, and we enjoyed reading from the book of Proverbs during our worship times together, as well as singing as a group.

During this year’s retreat, I really felt God at work during our group mealtimes, where we enjoyed each other’s company, ate delicious food provided by the Loon Lake staff, and drank way too much juice. We also really loved the game times, where we enjoyed tag in the dark, volleyball, spud, and other games in and around the Lodge, and the aforementioned worship sessions. Overall, this year’s retreat was a super fun experience and I’m already looking forward to next year’s! - Camden B. 

photos in a collage of teenagers at a lake

photos of people canoeing on Loon Lake

Photos of teenagers jumping into a freezing cold lake

A lot of fun was had in, on and around Loon Lake! The youth canoed in the rain, had a campfire, played games and had lots of fun! They even went swimming a few times. I'm not sure how they managed to jump into a freezing cold lake - and some of them did it willingly multiple times! We were not having the warm weather like we are having right now - it was around 10 degrees and the lake wasn't any warmer. 

A group of people sitting a room in a circle worshipping making bracelets

We gathered for 4 sessions where played group games, worshipped and read and learned from the book of Proverbs. One of our sessions from Proverbs was learning about friendship, so we concluded our session with making friendship bracelets! At our last session, we sang the song Goodness of God and asked where they saw the goodness of God over the weekend. Their answers are evident throughout these photos - in worship time, in working together in games, in the incredible food and mealtimes, in the beauty of nature, in each other and just being able to go on our retreat in general! 

youth playing volleyball and dodgeball in a gymnasium

Fun and games in the gym! The Student Centre at Loon Lake includes a gym, which was great for a rainy weekend. A lot of time was spent there by many of the youth! We played volleyball, dodgeball and some other games together. 

mist in the forest

There is wonder in the midst of the rain - all the mist clinging to the trees surrounding the lake was beautiful. We certainly saw the goodness of God in the beauty of his creation! When you are at Loon Lake, you feel like you are far away from the city - even though we were there in less than 45 minutes! As a youth leader, I felt blessed by the opportunity to go on this retreat and by spending time with these youth.

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