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somebody's coming - advent and christmas 2022

Advent 2022


Imagine a scene that begins with words like this: Ssshhhh! Sshh! Quiet! I hear something… And then with rising intensity: SOMEBODY’S COMING!

What do you imagine the next words are? Well we could easily imagine some scenes filled with joy. Ones in which the fact that someone is coming is happy news, because you’ve waited for a long, long time for this to happen.

  • · Somebody’s Coming!   It’s him! They’re here! I see him!
  • · Somebody’s Coming!   Help me!
  • · Somebody’s Coming!   Sh…..Surprise!

What a sense of excitement there is when something eagerly anticipated finally arrives! This kind of anticipation joy should characterize our waiting for Jesus in Advent. 

In 2022, our advent series was called Somebody's Coming as we once again anticipated the arrival of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. To read more about our series, click here

November 27th - First Sunday of Advent

"Somebody's Coming! Watch Out!" - Luke 21:25-36, Matthew 25:31-46

December 4th - Second Sunday of Advent 

"Somebody's Coming! Clean Up!" - Luke 3

December 11th - Third Sunday of Advent

"Somebody's Coming! I Can Finally See Him" - Matthew 1:1-17

December 18th - Fourth Sunday of Advent

"Somebody's Coming: The Prince of Peace!" - Isaiah 9:2-7

December 25th - Christmas Day

"Somebody's Coming! Surprise! - Luke 2

Special Services:

December 18th at 4 pm - Children's Christmas 

A family friendly service in the fellowship hall with a telling of the Christmas story, carols, crafts, snacks and more!

December 24th at 4:30 pm - A Candlelight Christmas Eve

A Christmas Eve service in the fellowship hall of Bible readings, carol singing & lighting candles to celebrate the birth of Jesus! Refreshments were provided.

Advent Outdoor Prayer Path - Open 24/7

Our outdoor prayer path was refreshed for advent! You are invited to come and walk all eight stations anytime during Advent and Christmas. All the words and images are directly on the posters on each cross, there is no separate paper or audio guide. Posters are lit up so you can come walk in the evening as well. We hope these interactive stations will help you have a meaningful Advent season.