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Lent and Easter 2023

songs for the journey psalms of ascent

Art Credit: Emma V.

Join us for worship during this Lenten season. We will be focusing on the Psalm of Ascent, which are Psalm 120-134, with our series "Songs for the Journey."
If you look in your Bible, you'll see that the superscription at the top of each psalm says "A song of ascent." It's thought that this is a collection of psalms which the Hebrew faithful would recite on their way UP to Jerusalem for one of the annual festivals. We will use these Psalms in our own journey towards the events of Good Friday and Easter, using one of these psalms each week, paired with a New Testament passage about Jesus.

February 26th - First Sunday of Lent

Beginning the Journey - Psalm 120, Matthew 16:13-16, 20-21 

March 5th - Second Sunday of Lent

Psalm 121, Matthew 16:21-18

March 12th - Third Sunday of Lent

Psalm 133, John 17

March 19th - Fourth Sunday of Lent

Psalm 127, Matthew 17:14-23

March 26th - Fifth Sunday of Lent

Psalm 123

April 2nd - Palm Sunday (Sixth Sunday of Lent)

Psalm 131, Matthew 21:1-10

April 7th - Good Friday

Psalm 130

April 9th - Easter Sunday

Psalm 126, Matthew 28:1-10

Holy Week Services:

April 7th at 10 am - Good Friday Service. 

April 9th at 6 am - Outdoor Easter Sunrise Service

April 9th at 10 am - Easter Morning Worship

Additionally, join us for an Easter Potluck Breakfast at 8:30 am on Easter Sunday, April 9th in the fellowship hall! Please bring a breakfast item to share. Beverages provided. 

 Lent Outdoor Prayer Path - Open 24/7

Our outdoor prayer path has been refreshed for lent! You are invited to come and walk all eight stations anytime during Lent and Holy Week. Words and images are directly on the poster and each cross. We invite you to take your time and to reflect in these words. A bench is available at each station. You may also scan a QR code with your smartphone to access a song on the respective Psalm. We hope these interactive stations will help you have a meaningful Lent and Easter season.