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Reflections of the Prayer Service for Truth and Reconcilation

Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church partnered with our friends at Northwood United Church to offer a 6:30 pm Prayer walk followed by a 7:00 pm Prayer Service and Time of Communal Sharing. This was our inaugural attempt at offering a communal event. The full service video is posted on Northwood's website here

group of people gathered for a photo mostly wearing orange shirts

A photo of some of those who gathered for a time of prayer and reflection on Friday evening 

We thank Brad Gagne for his leadership in the service and sharing some of his story. In the years ahead we hope to have further opportunities to host the voices of more and more and more First Nation voices, so that we may gather to learn their stories, history and culture as a part of the ongoing seeking of reconciliation. - Pastor Scott Turnbrook

 First it was an honour to speak at the joint prayer service between Northwood United and Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church. I am reminded of what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 7:8 (NKJV) - "The end of matter is better than it's beginning. The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit." Truth and Reconciliation is and will always be on going as we must remember how our Father in Heaven reconciled us with Christ Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Friday night the Spirit of forgiveness was alive, and must always be at work as our Lord and Saviour Jesus said to Peter that we must forgive 77x7. For me it was a special moment to speak the words that I did as I am only one stone of many and I spoke as a starting point and for the foundation of forgiveness, reconciliation and truth and to build and rebuild the bridges that were burnt and torn down. I'd like to thank Pastor Natasha (FCRC) and Pastor Scott (Northwood United Church) for the opportunity to speak. - Brad Gagne

Two dozen folks from around the neighbourhood -- decked in degrees of orange-- gathered in prayer in front of Fleetwood CRC Friday evening, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Supportive toots from the horns of cars passing by on 160 and 88th resonated with us as we trekked our prayerful walk to Northwood United Church. Leadership from both churches led through a service of Truth and Reconciliation; an hour of reflection, prayer and honouring those who suffered historical injustices. A highlight was the haunting tune and lyrics, lament of “215,” by singers and song writers Cheryl Bear and Brian Doerksen. Lighted candles sparked the sharing of stories from a range of people- those with lived experience and others awakening to the harsh realities of our history. Representatives from Surrey Interfaith Coalition echoed their support for community and church efforts to address not only historical injustices, but continuing injustices people experience today. Participants learned a new word “reconciliaction,” -- that next step of little and big things we can do show our support for Canada’s “94 Calls to Action.” Northwood Pastor Scott Turnbrook recognized there’s no simple way to end such serious reflection, but his parting words encouraged us to go out and be the bridge to reconciliation. - Nanda Polman


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