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Going Forward

As our church considers the future, the Fleetwood CRC Going Forward Committee was created and has been meeting for the past two years.

As part of this process, they conducted interviews with our congregation, as directed by their Mandate #1: To engage the FCRC community in gathering information about our current challenges & opportunities for growth in going forward as a unified church body. This would be done via interviews, meetings, surveys, questionnaires, & any other methods of communication deemed necessary.

Then the committee continued on to Mandate #2: To review our current pastoral staffing model, pastoral job descriptions, and ministry model to ensure they are in alignment with our current challenges & future opportunities in ministering to our community and world.

Now we are at the point of Mandate #3: To facilitate the search for a Lead Pastor & maintain communication with the FCRC community via appropriate updates & communication as needed.

See the church profile and Lead Pastor job description here.

The Going Forward Committee Members:
Natasha Batenburg, John Bron (chair), Donna Klomps, John Struik, Carolynne Tolsma, Rick Triemstra, Judy VanderPol